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Loco Update - Posted 10/2/16


The roof section from the equipment room was put back onto the loco in summer 2015 which allowed us to trial fit the roof after having metalwork repairs, the section is still stripped of all radiator elements and fittings and the roof mounted fans. The radiator elements have been pressure tested to find the good ones that will be refitted and see how many need to be replaced. The equipment room is on its way to having everything in place again however the exhausters are still away for refurbishment, when these are returned the roof will need to be removed again to allow access.

With the equipment room roof temporarily back on ‘105 the engine room roof was removed and placed on the wagon, this section of the roof had heavily corroded areas which have been cut out and replaced. The Brush Type 4 Fund are indebted to Mark Stanley for the work he has done (and continues to do) on the roof and the loco as a whole.

Having the engine room roof off has allowed us to carry out repairs in the engine room without having to crouch and with decent light. The trunking on the B side has been repaired and new sections welded in, this was found to be corroded so has had a full refurbishment. New metal has been welded into some sections of the floor at the generator end to replace corroded metal as a result of the leaky roof.

The B side of the engine room was also completely stripped of all old paint then primed, undercoated and a fresh coat of grey applied. All light fittings and fire piping was also refurbished and refitted before the trunking was reconstructed. This side of the engine roof is now covered with old curtains to protect the resplendent paintwork.

Preparatory work was done on the A side of the engine room and this side is now ready for its first coat of primer. A side is a much harder task than B side due to the large number of pipes running along the wall. Luckily we have some very patient members of the group who have ensured that all of the old paint is removed, it is a shame that the pipe work has to be painted as they look great stripped and polished.

The main air intake filter box has been removed, steam cleaned and is being repainted, with this out of the way some parts of the generator insulation, not normally accessible, have been given a heavy clean.

The electrical cubicle is getting a cosmetic restore with the frame stripped and repainted and the doors to the cubicle in the process of being refurbished. Paint stripping of these revealed several repairs from 105’s BR days. Additional work needs to be completed to rebuild the corners before a final coat of gloss can be applied and the doors refitted.

While all of the other work has been taking place work has started on No. 2 end cab. Several desk panels have been taken away to be stripped and have attention to the fixings and fasteners.

Next on the agenda is the A side intercooler which needs to be removed, this has suffered from a minor coolant leak since we bought the loco in 1994! The intercooler will either be repaired or replaced.


‘376 had a successful 2015 totaling 855 miles, the loco did miss one turn with a defective brake feed cut-off valve which was replaced. Following this the same valve in the other end became problematic so was also replaced but this didn’t affect the locos rostered turns.

The loco did suffer a defective speedo which was traced to a broken cable to a resistor in the electronic control unit which was repaired, as well as a full check of the speed probe and wiring.

‘376 had a new set of batteries before Christmas, the decision was made in light of the fact that two cells had been replaced in 2015 but only with equally old cells and the batteries were generally tired. So the time came for the loco to have a fresh set of batteries, good for the loco, not so good for the poor schmucks who had to lug them into place!

The only major task planned for 2016 is an oil change. Other work will (hopefully) just encompass the usual exams and preventative maintenance such as greasing and checking of motors, brakes and under frame equipment.

Loco Update - Posted 7/3/15

47105: In the equipment room overhauled Triple Pump, Compressors and Blower Motor have been collected and re-fitted, re-fitment of pipe work for compressors and triple pump has been progressed. Compressor check valves have been overhauled and one of the Exhausters is away for overhaul.

In the engine room the free end bulkhead has been stripped and re-painted and the pressure switches for coolant and oil have had new diaphragms made and tested. The gauge panel and pipe work has been overhauled, and other bulkhead fittings have been repainted in preparation for re-fitment. On inspection the electrical trunking on B side of the engine room was in bad condition so work has started on repairing this and replacing the old card insulation (which was holding condensation in the trunking) with rubber.

Work has continued to strip the old paint from the engine room walls in preparation for painting. The engine room roof has been freed up ready for removal, this has not been off since at least 1994 and probably not since 1984, some of the bolts required grinding off to get them out, there will be plenty of metalwork required on this roof section!

47376: Over the winter the cylinder heads have been re-torqued as there were some minor leaks from some of the top cylinder liner seals, at the same time the main coolant rail to the cylinder heads was removed and re-jointed as there was a leak from one of the joints there.

Minor leaks on a vent hose to the header tank on B side and the header tank gauge have been cured. At the same time as the former the area underneath the radiator housing on B bank was cleaned out and the drain from this area unblocked. The coolant thermostat has been removed and o-rings in this renewed as they were leaking oil. At the same time a coolant hose to this thermostat which was leaking slightly has been renewed.

The fuel pipe at the rear of the Triple Pump feeding the fuel strainer was leaking where it came through the floor, this has been split and repaired. At the same time the fuel strainer was cleaned out and fuel filters renewed. The loco's air reservoirs have passed their bi-annual exam and working test.

Chris Fudge Memorial Train

On Monday 2 March a charter was run from Carnforth to Stratford Upon Avon in memorial of Chris Fudge using ex Brush Type 4 Fund loco 47746. Chris was a popular member of the bashing fraternity who sadly passed away aged 39 in 2010. The special train left Carnforth bound for Tamworth (Chris's home town) where 47746 was named in memorial of Chris in a ceremony attended by his father and sister. The train then carried on to Stratford Upon Avon after reversing at Leamington Spa and being hauled into Stratford by 47245.

As a result of the on board collection and real ale sales on the train the sum of £1356 was raised, it was decided between the BT4F and West Coast Railways to share the money between two cancer charities near to Carnforth. On 5 March cheques for £678 were delivered to St. John's Hospice and Cancer Care Lancaster.

A massive thank you to everyone who attended the day and West Coast Railway Company for a fantastic day. Some pictures of the day are on the 47746 pictures page

Loco Update - Posted 12/7/14

Work has been progressing on the 5 year overhaul of 47105, recently the radiator housings have had the corroded metal removed and new metal welded in place, these have been pressure tested and re-welded where necessary. A start has been made on pressure testing the radiator elements themselves (over 70 in total!), some of these will require repair (10 so far). The roof section for the equipment room had extensive welding to replace corroded areas, when the roof was taken off 105 some parts were so corroded that they collapsed when it was placed on the flatbed wagon! The Fund are indebted to Mark Stanley for the welding both on the roof and on the body of 105.

The compressors, Triple Pump and Blower Motor are away for refurbishment at present with the exhausters next to go. Several of the larger air tanks have been refitted and pipework tested for leaks, the smaller air tanks have been painted and are ready to be refitted in the coming weeks. Cosmetically the equipment room has been painted and work continues on giving the network of pipes a fresh coat of paint before they are hidden away again for another 30 years. Work has progressed well as the working party has divided into one team to remove paint and one team to apply the new coat. Work has moved to the engine room with needle gunning of the engine room walls ongoing, the pressure switches and gauges have been removed for refurb.

47376 worked a Driver Experience day on 2nd May, the loco has had an A exam as well as attention to relays and contactors in the electrical cubicle and cleaning/checking of pressure switches for the engine. The loco has worked several green timetable days but did suffer a minor fault on the last trip of the day on the 5th June which resulted in the loco shutting down a mile or so from Toddington. Investigations into the fault have not proved conclusive but water ingress was thought to be most likely.

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Loco Update - Posted 15/8/13

47105: Auxiliary room work has continued with needle gunning/rust removal and priming of all panels. Some coolant pipework has been re-made where necessary. Radiator header tank has been re-made (basically renewed) and work is ongoing to re-make the back parts of the radiator housings. H has drilled out all the broken/worn studs on face of these radiator housings and has made up blanking plates for testing these when welding repairs complete. Triple pump and compressor motors have gone away for overhaul, we will hopefully start putting equipment back in the aux. room in the next month or two.

376: Passed it's static and working air reservoir/system exam in the spring. The loco has had some minor exam work carried out as well as a couple of replacement air and brake components.

47376 has performed very well this year completing 16 days fault free running days (so far) and one not so fault free day caused by a faulty FV4 drivers brake valve which has since been renewed,  apart from this minor indiscretion the loco has performed all it's booked work this year.

Loco Update - Posted 30/1/13

47105's bodywork is receiving much needed attention with rotten panels now being removed from around join between bodyside and underframe as well as the joins between cab and bodyside. We've received a welcome boost by obtaining the services of Mark S whose welding skills are excellent having perfected them assisting with the restoration of 37248. The last two air reservoirs have now passed their 10 yearly exam, these two being from 47829 and replacements for two in 105 that had failed (the two that sit behind the triple pump in the corner of the auxiliary room and are susceptible to water ingress through the roof, though not when your loco is undercover!).

47376 made a trip out on 12th January to shunt the collected stock and wagons in the GWR North headshunt to gain access to some stored BT4F items. The loco has had a couple of battery cells and a brake valve renewed recently but otherwise remains in good health. It is though presently stopped for a few weeks for an in-stu air reservoir examination. Some exam jobs (changing of filters, checking and greasing motors etc) will be carried out as well before the start of the running season.

The Fund have fully moved into the diesel shed at Toddington and the new mess facilities are in place, the BG and Res van used and storage respectively were fully cleared of the stock of spares we hold and these are now locked away securely. The BG has been the home of the Fund since the early 90s and has given many years service and will now be utilized by the Carriage & Wagon dept at Winchcombe.

Loco Update - Posted 18/11/12

47105 now sits in the Diesel shed with an empty equipment room. Work has been concentrated on removing the accumulated grime and paint to strip the walls back to bare metal. Two of the air tanks have failed the recertification tests which means either a repair or replacement. The auxiliary machines are hopefully being sent away next month for overhaul. A picture is here.

47376 ventured to Cheltenham Racecourse on the 21st October on a Driver Experience Day. Chicken Curve was opened a few days before the Drive-Ex. A picture is here. The day was not without a few niggles which has resulted in brake valve Fv4 needing to be repaired and no.2 auto air relay being renewed. The loco will receive some TLC over the Winter to some leaks and some exam work will be carried out.

Both locos now reside in the diesel shed which is awaiting the finishing touches. Over the course of several weeks the Fund BG and Res van were emptied with all of the accumulated parts being moved into storage containers. Adjacent to the entrance to one of the containers there is a decent sized work space in the shed which means no more trips across the yard for tools, etc. All of the other locos have also moved into the shed with regular work being carried out of 37248 which comes with the added bonus of Rock FM on the wireless.

Loco Update - Posted 25/8/12

The roof was successfully lifted off the equipment room on 47105 on the 10th July, since then the room has been cleared of auxiliary equipment (exhausters, compressors, triple pump, etc) and had the numerous air tanks removed.

The next jobs are to repair the top of the body where the roof sits as a number of bolts sheared off during removal, extraction of the radiator housings for repair, send away the air tanks for overhaul and send any auxiliary equipment that needs overhauling away. There is also a large amount of cleaning, needle gunning and painting. Pictures of the ongoing work are HERE

Shed Update - Posted 25/8/12

We've moved in! The only jobs left are sealing the floor and installing the electrics and fire system but the shed is useable so 47105 and 47376 are now under cover along with the Growler Group owned/maintained 37s. The next job will be to move the wealth of spares from our two vans into the containers by the diesel shed.

Shed Update - posted 23/6/12

The floor has been concreted and some locos have moved in temporarily. 24081 is in the shed for painting before leaving for the East Lancs Railway Gala in July, 37215 and 47376 are also inside.

Remaining jobs are to concrete in between the 4 foot on both roads, to seal the concrete as if this is not done it will generate a lot of dust and to install the electrics and fire system. The storage containers for the BT4F and Growler Group are in place along with a mess room which will be shared by the diesel groups.


Shed Update - posted 11/04/12

Loco Update - posted 06/04/12

47105 was successfully run up on Saturday 31st March and tested following the bogie swap. Since the swap in October time has been spent reconnecting the bogies and traction motors. Work has also been carried out on No.2 bogie, primarily on brake hangers, pins and brake blocks.

The replacement bogie was tested ok but a rather peculiar earth fault was discovered whereby no.1 compressor would run slowly when switching on the foot warmers in No.1 cab (even with the compressor fuse removed.....). A problem with No.1 compressor circuit is suspected. The loco has now been withdrawn from service for overhaul which will start with removal of the equipment room roof to allow access to the radiator element housings. Other work in this end of the loco will involve testing of air tanks, overhaul of small motors and attention to the header tank.

A start has been made removing radiator elements.

The cab refurbishment for number 1 end was finally completed in late March. There are no plans as yet to repaint number 2 ends cab.

47376 remains serviceable and has received attention to radiator hoses and fuel pumps over the winter to cure minor leaks.

Shed Progress

The diesel shed should complete by the end of April to enable the maintenance on 1693 to be carried out under cover. By the end of March the shed has two roads in place and 37215 was being used to bed in the track. The picture below was from the previous weekend. Once the track is in place the concrete floor will be laid.

Shed Progress - posted 17/02/12

Construction of the diesel shed continues apace. The lower part of the external wall and roof were complete by the close of play on the 15th February. It is expected that construction will be complete by the 22nd Feb. Drainage and power will then be installed before the ground is leveled for P'Way to install the track.

A problem was found during the construction whereby the main supports were found to be too short. This was a problem as the diesel shed will be attached to the David Page shed.

The supports were constructed using plans from the David Page shed however the error was found to be that the supports in the DP shed were actually made too long! This problem has now been rectified and as you can see from the pictures.

47105 (and 47376) photo charter - posted 01/02/12

47105 took part in a photographic charter for the East Midlands Railway Photographic Society on the evening of Saturday 28th January. The evening was shared between 1693 on a rake of ballast wagons, a 3-car DMU and Bubble car with '376 sneaking in to the action. The money raised by the charter will be donated to the Emergency Appeal Fund - Pics HERE, HERE and HERE

Diesel Shed

Work is progressing well on the new diesel shed. During November and December the old Dowty shed was dismantled with the assistance of members of the Diesel department and others from the GWR. To reduce costs some of the ground work was also carried out by the volunteers.

The frame of the new shed is in place with completion expected in approximately 3 weeks. The drainage will need to be completed before the ground is leveled for the track to be laid. The next step will be the concrete flooring so with all being well we expect to have 47105 and 47376 under cover around April!

Some pictures of the old shed and the progress

Chicken Curve Land Slip

An agreement has been signed for the work to commence on the repairs for Chicken Curve. Work is expected to start on the 6th February with a possible reconnection of the line in the Autumn. Fund raising is still ongoing as the £1million mark has not quite been reached so any help will be much appreciated, read more here

47105 Bogie swap

47105 received the long awaited bogie swap in late October. The bogie was replaced due to excessive wear on one of the wheel sets. Using a set of hydraulic jacks the body was lifted above both bogies and the errant bogie under number 1 end removed being dragged into the yard by 47376. '376 then delivered the replacement.

47746 sold to West Coast & 47295 scrapped - posted 20/7/11

The Brush Type 4 Fund has sold 47746 to the West Coast Railway Company, based at Carnforth and it is expected to resume service with the charter train operator.

This was not a decision taken lightly but we feel that the sale will benefit all parties as it enables the BT4F to secure the future of both 47105 and 47376 at Toddington on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway by contributing funds from the sale to the construction of a dedicated diesel maintenance shed and will also see the return of 47746 to the mainline rather than being stored.

Over the last 4 years the Brush Type 4 Fund approached several preserved railways, including the GWR, with a view to giving 47746 a permanent home but this was not possible. Despite this the loco has to a degree fulfilled a role at Long Marston having last been used as an ETH and air supply for overhauled Cargo-D MKII rolling stock in October 2008.

As a preservation group we felt it right that if we did sell it was to be to an individual or company who would use it again, be it in preservation or on the mainline. WCRC have stated that they intend to fit the loco with OTMR, vacuum brakes and a full repaint prior to use as a member of the charter train fleet of MBDL locomotives based at Carnforth.

With 47295 recently going for scrap, we therefore end our 4 year association with Long Marston, which started in 2007 when we revived 47701 for use by Cargo-D. This relationship enabled us to provide 47746 with an immediate home so we would like to extend our grateful thanks to both Cargo-D, in particular the late Mark Honey and Steve and Ruth Dunmore at Motorail Logistics for all their help and support since then.

HRNC owned 47295 was sent for scrap on Friday 8th July for its storage at Long Marston. The loco had been stripped of all reusable parts by HRNC with the components from the engine ex 47376 being retrieved by the BT4F. These parts including the turbo, heat exchanger, generator set, intercoolers and exhausters were moved to Toddington on the same day.

Fund Loco Update - Posted 12/12/10

Work on a replacement bogie for 47105 is progressing with several hours of needle gun action already under our belts, many more beckon! All the traction motors have been cleaned and insulation values checked. There is also work to do on traction motor gear cases and brake gear and slack adjusters. The bogie will be put under 47105 in the Summer of 2011 and is needed because the current bogie under number No.1 end has a thin flange on No.2 wheel. 

In 2012 47105 will be taken out of service for several years, the loco needs a fair bit of TLC and providing there are no major failures in the next 18 months it will have given 18 years of sterling service at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway by 2012. Initial jobs are to remove the roof from the equipment room which needs attention to the radiator element housings, these having suffered from rainwater sitting underneath them over the years. Other jobs in this area include overhauling exhausters, compressors and triple pump and examination and testing of air tanks. While the loco is out of service it is planned the Sulzer 12LDA engine will receive a top end overhaul as well as attention to the heat exchanger and oil filter plinth. Work is also planned on the main roof section and the joint between the roof and bodyshell, another water/rust trap. 47105 has not received this level of attention since 1984 so it is long overdue.  With all being well the new diesel shed (see below) at Toddington should be in place well before 2012 so the dedicated team will have the luxury of being able to work inside all year round on the former 1693. When all of the work is complete the loco will receive a full repaint to re-emerge as 1693.

The ongoing cab repaint has seen a downturn in progress since the Summer months with the upturn in diesel crew requirements as the team invested in the maintenance of the Brush Type 4 Fund locos are all part of the Diesel department traincrew, with a reduction in the need for diesel crews in 2011 normal service will return and the team will return to looking after the locos.

The question on some lips will of course turn to 47746, the idea has been bandied around that perhaps the former 47605 could take the place of 47105 for the duration of its overhaul, the answer is “who knows”. There is a long time between now and 2012 but it is certainly something to consider. Until then 47746 will remain at Long Marston where it is secure waiting for its turn in the spotlight.

Members of several loco groups based at Toddington have agreed to build a shed specifically for the diesels. The shed will be have two roads and space for 6 mainline locos, this will provide much needed covered storage as Winters' get harsher and a dedicated space for maintenance of locos rather than all works being carried out in the yard.

Currently the David Page shed at Toddington houses a mixture of steam and diesel but space is sometimes hard to come by. The Brush Type 4 Fund have reserved two spaces in the proposed shed which at this stage in the final stages of planning. The new shed will replace the dilapidated Dowty shed which is to the right of the main shed if you are looking from the car park.

BT4F Members Day 2010 - Added 28th July 2010

The members day for BT4F will be on Saturday October 16th 2010. This is a red timetable day which means two train running between Toddington and Gotherington with a loco top and tail. The GWSR have agreed to have 47105 and 47376 at either end of train 2 for the day which means rostered departures at 1130, 1415 and 1635, we plan to run at least one additional trip over the line after scheduled services cease if the GWSR are agreeable.

All are welcome as these are scheduled services, we hope to reserve the front two coaches for BT4F members only.

On Sunday 17th October one of the Fund locos will work the diesel diagram of the purple timetable.

47105 Ballot and plans for 2010/2011 - Added 14th March 2010

The Brush Type 4 Fund recently undertook a membership vote to determine the livery for 47105 when the loco is next repainted. There was a 57% response from the members and the top 4 results are shown below. Therefore the loco will receive a fresh coat of BR Blue and run as 1693 (it's current livery) which the loco operated in between November 1969 and January 1974.

11 Votes BR Blue as 1693
8 Votes            BR Blue as 47105
8 Votes BR Blue No. 1 end headcode yellow, No. 2 end metal panel with sealed beam marker lights painted yellow as per DSD modification
7 Votes BR Blue silver roof, black painted headcode panels, SF Sparrows, orange cantrail stripe, NRN aerials, TI depot stickers and painted ‘GOLDCREST’ names

There is no firm date for the repaint as there is a work needed to the bodywork of '105 which is better to be done in the summer months. At present the cabs are undergoing a refurbish and will be painted in a colour scheme in keeping with the vote winning livery.

'105 will be working at the March diesel gala after which it might see use at the GWR175 celebrations at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in May, the loco will then be taken out of service until November to enable completion of the cab refurb and a start made on the bodywork repairs.

Fleet Update - Posted 24/07/08

47105 - Serviceable. Has received attention to a defective radiator element. Boiler has passed its ultrasonic exam. A 'cold' test is in the process of being arranged.

47376 - OOS. Awaiting the delivery of remaining gaskets, rings etc, before  the B side pistons and liners can be reassembled.

47746 - Battery swap done on the 23rd July. Loco started without a problem, although it attempted to shut down once the start button was depressed. This was traced to an air lock in the oil system from the triple pump. This was quickly rectified and the loco started up and remained running. The ETH was tested, all ok.

On 24th July, at 11:28 power was taken for the first time in 4 1/2 years. A sticking reverser has been lubricated and it is hoped to have cured the problem. A air brake fault, which sees 10psi of pressure on the bogie brakes remain to be rectified. Engine ran for 2 hours without problems.

47701 - Serviceable

Brush Type 4 Fund Members Day Update : 1st August 2008 - Posted 24/07/08

On Friday 1st August the BT4F is holding a Members Day at the GWR, Toddington, using 47105 and 47701 'Waverley'. There are 7 return trips to Cheltenham Racecourse on offer, with the 2 locos working alternate services. The last train of the day will be worked by both machines. Click HERE

Toddington departures are at 09:45, 11:10, 12:40, 15:00, 16:25, 17:50 and 19:15
Break will be at Toddington from 13:47 to 15:00.
Trains return from Cheltenham Racecourse at 10:28, 11:53, 13:19, 15:43, 17:08, 18:33 and 19:58.  Finish at Toddington at 20:26.

There will be a buffet on the train serving hot and cold drinks and snacks, Real Ale will be on sale throughout the day

Ticket prices are £12 for BT4F members, with non members welcome at £15

Fleet Status - Posted 23/06/08

47105 - Work continues on the boiler compartment cleaner while the boiler is on the ground. The boiler itself has had all of the protective cladding removed and is ready for inspection. The loco is serviceable for the upcoming gala and August BT4F members day.

47295 - Shortly to leave the BT4F stable after 5 years of storage at Ashchurch MOD site. The loco was primarily purchased as a spares loco for 47376 but plans were mooted for a return to service. However the cost of a new engine and bogies was too restrictive and the loco has been sold to Harry Needle.

47376 - Engine repairs are in progress, the liners, heads and pistons from one side of the engine have been removed and cleaned ready for refitting. Work has taken a back seat to the other locos.

47746 - The loco's return to service continues after the initial startup on 10th June. During this startup a faulty contactor was identified which has been rectified.

Brush Type 4 Fund Members Day - 1st August 2008 - Posted 05/06/08

The Brush Type 4 Fund will hold a members day on 1st August at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.

7 trips are planned with duties shared between 47105 and 47701 which has kindly been allowed to attend the GWR by the owner Tracy Lear.

Trips will start at 0945, real ale and an on train buffet will be provided along with sales stands.

There will be a lunchtime break during which the BT4F AGM will be held. Non members are welcome to come along and enjoy the day.

Diesel Gala TimeTable - 4th to 6th July

The timetable for the diesel gala is HERE

47746 Progress - Posted 12/5/08

A working party was at Long Marston on the 8th and 9th May to continue work on 47746. Along side a re-brush of the generator several contacts were cleaned and checked. Tests were carried out on the air and coolant systems and both found to be free from leaks. An initial attempt to charge the batteries proved fruitless but after changing to the alternative charging socket it was found that batteries did take a charge enabling the engine room, cab and headlights to be illuminated.

As the loco does not have any fuel in the tanks a start was not contemplated but with all being well this should not be too far off.


47376 out of service furno - posted 2/4/08

47376 went on a test run on Sunday, during this steam was filling the engine compartment. On closer inspection water was found in the head on piston B4. Our CM&EE has carried out a further inspection today and found that liners B4 and B5 are now leaking.
As a result '376 will not be present at the diesel gala, we have now opted to carry out a replacement of the rings on the 8 cylinder liners we hadn't so far replaced. This means the loco will be out of service for the foreseeable future as our priority for the coming months will be the boiler on 47105.

April Gala Timetable - Posted 25/3/08

The timetable for the April diesel gala is here in PDF format

47376 returns to life - Posted 05/02/08

47376 was successfully started on the afternoon of the 4th March after spending  a year out of service after the discovery of leaking cylinder liners within the engine. The loco last worked on the 17th March 2007 on the 1130 and 1415 Toddington - Cheltenham services after 47105 would not start.  A few minor faults were found after the startup but these will only need remedial attention meaning the loco will be fit to work at the upcoming diesel gala on the 4th to 6th April.

The loco has had a considerable amount of man hours spent on it and thanks go to the team who spent the time working to restore the loco to running order, with many cold wet days spent at Toddington and Ashchurch. Special thanks as always to the CM&EE of the Fund for his tireless dedication to the '376 and 105.

 47105 is currently working on the green GWR timetable allowing 57 miles of steam heat Brush action on the weekends in March. The loco has recently received a new set of batteries to improve the reliability.

47376 on the road to recovery - Posted 21/2/08

Work continues to repair 47376, this past week has seen the reinstatement of the B2 cylinder liner and piston, following this work continued to install the head and the coolant pipes. With all being well the engine should be filled with water to test for internal water features in the next two weeks with a startup not long after.

8 Months later.... Posted 7/11/07

47746 made the move from Crewe Electric depot to Long Marston on 2nd November, the loco then stayed overnight at LM on the low loader before unloading on Saturday 3rd November and officially entering preservation.

The best laid plans.... Posted 23/10/07

The proposed move of 47746 to Long Marston has been postponed until Friday 26th October as we've been told that there are track works in progress on the unloading road which will prevent the loco from entering the complex. As before, times when know.

Fleet News - Posted 22/10/07

47105 - The cold test on the boiler was carried out last week which it passed. The boiler will now be reassembled in preparation for the running test. 47105 will not be working the 1615 Todd - CRC on Wednesday 24th October due to a lack of crew traction knowledge. 47105 will be working at the November diesel gala, a timetable is HERE. 47105 will then be in action on the 1615 off Todd on 10/11/18/24/25 November.

47376 - After spending the summer out of action the last few weeks have seen the refitting of the pistons and heads, then the exhaust and coolant pipes. Unfortunately after all of this it was found that there is a problem which is most likely associated to the B1 liner. At the same time a small fault was found with B2's head so the views of the working members were sought with regards to a next step. It was agreed that the heads would be taken of pistons B1 and B2 with the liner from B1 having to be removed again, this means that 47376 will be out of action for the rest of the year and the loco will not take part in the November gala or Christmas diesel day.

47746 - Road transport has been arranged for 47746 to move to Long Marston on Wednesday 24th October. After the loco's long stay at Crewe, EWS have requested that the loco be removed from Crewe Electric ASAP. The low loader that is being used to provide 47759's last trip to the scrapman will then make its way to Crewe for 47746. Times for the move currently not available, if you would like the timings when they are available please email the webmaster.

47746 move scheduled - Posted 7/9/07

EWS have scheduled the move of 47746 along with 47736 and 47759 to Crewe Electric depot for Monday 10th Sept, the crew are expected on site around 0900. Indications are that an extra loco will be added to the consist. Once at Crewe Electric arrangements will be made for the onward journey of 47746 to move to Long Marston and officially into preservation. We'll keep you posted!

Fleet news - Posted 08/08/07

47105 re-entered service on the 31st July working the 1615 Todd-CRC and return vice 20137, this was the day that the railway started running trains again after the extensive flooding in Gloucestershire. The loco repeated this working on the 1st August. The loco had the fuel pumps and injectors replaced as well as an oil change.

47376 remains ensconced in the Dowty steam shed at Toddington. The loco cannot be removed until mid August as the adjacent line out of the shed has been removed for the installation of an inspection pit leaving a large hole. As a result the line is not safe to move a 100+ tonne loco over.

47746 is imminently due to be moved from Crewe DMD to Crewe Electric depot. The loco will be towed along with the other remaining CD stalwarts and some 37s to await onwards movement. More details of the move will follow in the coming days.

47105 Maintenance - Posted 17/07/07

47105 will not be working the booked turns on 18/19/24/25th July as the loco is still out of service for some routine maintenance. A 37 from GWR fleet will deputise.

47376 Repairs latest - Posted 06/07/07

A major step forward in the repairs to 47376 took place on Saturday 30th June. 4 Pistons, cylinder heads and liners were retrieved from 47295's engine and transported to Toddington. Of these the piston in best condition will be used to replace the faulty one removed from '376 in April. Photos of the lift are here

47295 Engine pictures - Posted 28/5/07

The past weekend has seen a lot of progress made in the recovery of pistons from the engine in 47295 (ex 47376). The engine was a write off as a result of a catastrophic failure whilst the loco was at the head of the 20.27 Leeds - Southampton freightliner on 8th June 2001. One of the pistons dropped into the sump of the engine causing severe damage. Pictures of the damage can now be viewed here

Loco Report & Gala Timetable - Posted 14/5/07

47105 is currently having work done on its fuel pumps and injectors and once this is completed will need an oil change. The loco has two rostered turns at the end of May and is then in service for the diesel gala in June.

47295. A start has been made to recover a piston from the defective engine in 47295 which will be fitted to 47376 to replace the defective A1 piston. Good progress was made over the past weekend removing coolant and exhaust pipes.

47376 remains out of service awaiting a replacement piston.

47746 still languishes at Crewe Diesel depot. The loco has been blocked in the shed by partly scrapped 37s, work has been continuing in recent weeks to finish off the 37s which will remove any obstructions.

The next diesel gala to be held on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway will be over the weekend of 15th to 17th June 2007. A timetable is here. Unfortunately the gala clashes with both the Keighley and Worth Valley gala and West Somerset Mixed Traction Weekend which should see 47237 and D1661 (47840) working.

47105/47376 Report - Posted 25/4/07

Work has continued apace on the removal of the pistons in '376s engine to allow replacement of the cylinder liners which were found to be leaking. The work commenced over the weekend of the Spring Diesel gala with removal of exhaust & coolant pipes plus air manifolds, work then turned to the rocker gear and cylinder heads. On the 21st April pistons A1, A2 and B1 were removed with the aid of a clever tool on loan from the Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group.

A surprise was in order as A1 is damaged so will not be refitted to the engine, A2 and B1 seem in good order and will be cleaned up for re-use. On 22nd April the offending liners were also removed from the engine.

47105 worked over all three days of the Spring diesel gala, the loco had a minor problem on the Sunday of the gala, the source of which was found to be a fault between the drivers chair and the drivers desk. After a time on charge the loco was out again only missing one train for which a 37 deputised.

47105's next outing is 28th/29th April working shuttles between Cheltenham and Winchcombe for the Thomas & Friends weekend at the GWR.

47376 Out of Service - N/111  / 47105 Update Posted 27/3/07

47376 has been stopped due to leaking cylinder liners in the engine and will not take part in the Spring diesel gala. '376 experienced problems on 17th March after the loco was called into service following 47105's failure to start. 47376 worked the 1130 service with no problems but shortly before departure on the 1415 service it was noticed that a large amount of oil was leaking from under the engine and spraying into the engine room.

376 worked the 1415 trip then returned to shed where 105 was resuscitated. The fault on '376 was found to be a blocker breather on the engine which allows gas to disperse from within the engine itself. Repairs were carried out this past weekend but on reassembling the loco two leaking liners were found. 47376 has therefore been withdrawn from service for the foreseeable future to effect repairs.

47105 failed to start on the 10th March for the 1130 trip (the loco's only trip of the day) resulting in a 37 deputising. The batteries on the loco were inspected on 11th March and found to be ok and the loco started without incident. The same problem occurred during the day on 16th March whilst '105 was working Race specials for the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the loco was shut down after the morning run to the racecourse but failed to start in the afternoon requiring the loco being dragged onto shed for a battery charge from which it started.

On Saturday 17th '105 once again failed to start necessitating the use of 47376 but after charging worked the 1635 trip. 105 received battery cells from 47376 and started without charging so hopefully the problem is resolved and the loco will feature in the spring diesel gala as booked.

Spring Gala Timetable - Posted 27/3/07

The REVISED timetable for the GWR Spring diesel gala is available HERE

47746 becomes 4th Brush Type 4 Fund loco - Posted 27/2/07

On Friday 23rd February the Brush Type 4 Fund was informed that the bid for 47746 had been successful, making '746 the Fund's 4th preserved Class 47.

The former 47605, 47160 and D1754 was stopped as a running loco in December 2003 and has spent the time since stored at Crewe Diesel Depot. Initial plans are to move '746 to Long Marston for the remedial work needed to restore it to working order. More details on the locos long term future will be posted when known.

47105 & 47376 restored to working order - Posted 27/2/07

Work has been completed on the BT4F's locos based at Toddington. 47105 has had roof panels refitted and sealed while work on 47376's exhaust was also completed. Both locos have been run and no further faults found. 47105 returns to traffic in March working 3 trains per day throughout the month with the exception of the 10th March where '105 will work the first train with a 37 working the remaining two services.

Video section temporarily offline - Posted 11/2/07

The video section has been temporarily removed due to a hosting issue. It will return as soon as possible.

GWR closed until March - Brush Maintenance

With the closure of the Glos Warks Railway until March there is a chance to carry out some jobs on the Fund's engines, 47105 is now located in the main shed receiving attention around the roof panels over the heat exchanger and turbo which have been found to leak water into the engine compartment. This may include some welding to one section. The painting of the A side of the engine compartment is ongoing.

47376 is having attention to the exhaust between the cylinder heads and the turbo which has been blowing due to worn joints. The boiler compartment painting has taken a back seat for the time being.

Thrash & Flames DVD from the SF 47 Group

The Stratford 47 Group have a DVD for sale on eBay, the Thrash & Flames DVD runs for 110 minutes with 34 different 47s in action. All profits from the DVD sales go to the Stratford Group and the preservation of 47367 and 47596.

The eBay link is here -

Clips from the DVD can be found on YouTube, click the following links -

47786 leaving Holyhead on an ECS

47845 leaving Stafford

Christmas Diesel Day timetable - Posted 17/12/06

The timetable for the Christmas diesel day is available HERE. 47105 and 47376 will be paired for two rounds trips of the line at 1130 and 1610 from Toddington, returning from Cheltenham at 1220 and 1700, 47376 has a trip to Winchcombe and back with the brake van at 1415 returning at 1440.

November Gala timetable - Posted 25/10/06

The timetable for the November diesel gala is available HERE. The gala will feature both of the Brush Type 4 Fund locos based at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.

It's ALIVE!!

47105 was successfully started on Sunday 27th August after it's 3 month summer holiday in Toddington yard minus several internal pipes and components and having the fuel tanks cleaned out. The loco was given a test run on Monday 28th with '376 in tow and all seems to be well with the engine meaning an appearance at the upcoming diesel gala will be forthcoming.

The timetable for the gala is HERE


47105 stoned! - Posted 08/08/06

47105 has become the victim of vandalism at the GWR. Sometime in late July the 47, parked in the yard away from public land, was attacked which has resulted in a cracked drivers side windscreen. The loco bears 3 distinct marks on one windscreen only which could be mistaken for an attack by the Phoenix snipers, the vandal certainly has good grouping ( I wonder if he plays darts?). Click here for a photo

However, said vandal is not so clever as the loco targeted is the 47 of the two which is spending the summer out of traffic for repairs while the "Pride of the Fleet" continues to work without problems.

An investigation is under way, and although it would seem that any attack must have come from on GWR property this is unconfirmed and it should not be assumed that it is an "inside job".

Any information on this matter is gratefully received by email will be taken in strictest confidence, and will be passed to the appropriate persons.

And as always, don't have nightmares!

47105 out of service for the summer & drive a 47 - Posted 15/07/06

47105 is currently out of service receiving repairs, these include a drain of the fuel tanks which need to be cleaned after algae contamination  caused the loco running problems in March. The engine silencer has recently been removed for repairs with areas underneath also discovered to need welding work. The Spanner boiler has also been stripped down along with other work being carried out reconditioning internal components. 47376 remains in a serviceable condition and work is at an advanced stage on the painting of No.2 end cab which is expected to be finished by the end of July.

47376's No.1 end gauges have been used for the Class 47 used in the train simulator BVE, the screenshot below shows the layout of the virtual Brush -

Pride of the Fleet no more : 47376 ousted from Thomas Glory - Posted 22/06/06

47376 will not work on the Thomas shuttles on the 24th and 25th June. Due to fine print and legal mumbo jumbo 47376 has been deemed out of keeping with the theme of the event and will be replaced by a 37.

25th/26th March - 47105 unavailable. Posted 24/3/06

47105 has been diagnosed as suffering from fuel contamination which has resulted in the loco failing whilst working on the weekends of the past fortnight. An algae has been found in the fuel, the loco will run but if put under too heavy a load will shut down and is reluctant to restart. As a result the loco is unavailable for traffic this weekend where it should have been the 1615 Toddington - Cheltenham and returns.

47376 has been prepared and will the power for the 1615 trips on both days, the locos first runs since the Christmas period. Work is ongoing in No.2 end cab where paint stripping has recommenced on the cab roof sections.

Sunday 26th March Alteration - Posted 20/3/05

For operation reasons the diagram for the GWR on Sunday has been altered, this will mean that 47105 will only work the 1615 Toddington - Cheltenham and return working and will not work the 1425 departure from Toddington.

Spring Diesel Gala Timetable - Posted 18 March 2006

The timetable for the Spring Diesel Gala running from 31st March to 2nd April is now available HERE

Running Days in March

47105 will be working (and steaming) every weekend in March, the loco will work the 1615 Toddington-Cheltenham and 1700 return each Saturday and Sunday of the month but will work 2 trips on Sunday 26th March. Click HERE for workings.

47192 Charter - Friday 8th September 2006 - Posted 27/01/06

We've been asked to mention that 47192 has been chartered for a running day on Friday 8th September 2006 at the Churnet Valley railway. In the same mould as last year's day '192 will be working 8 or 9 round trips of the railway. More details will be available closer to the time regarding timings and cost but now is the time to get an annual leave day booked!!

2006 Gala Dates / Loco update- Posted 08/01/06

The dates are now available for the 2006 GWR diesel galas and can be found on the workings page.

In addition to this there are a scheduled 116 days in which there is a diesel rostered to work on the GWR this year, details of the working days for 47105 and 47376 will be released closer to March when the GWR re-opens after the winter break.

As you will probably have noticed 47105 is once again steaming after some insulating and welding work was needed on the the Spanner boiler. The boiler was put back together in late November/early December in preparation for a test on the 16th December. 47105 remains seviceable.

47295 remains at Ashchurch MOD, various ideas have been suggested for the future of the 3rd Brush Type 4 loco but as present no definite plans have been made. Negotiations continue with regard to sourcing bogies for the loco.

The cab refurbishment of 47376's No.2 end continues but has been slowed by the cold Toddington weather making it hard to paint, the refurb should be complete for the start of the running season in March. 47376 experienced a blown battery cell and a sticking reverser in the run up to Christmas but with these minor problems fixed the loco remains serviceable.

Amended Gala Timetable.- Posted 2/11/05

The gala timetable has been amended to included 24081 which was resurrected last weekend. 24081 will partner 47105 for the gala. TIMETABLE

November Diesel Gala and 47105 back to NB! - Posted 31/10/05

47105 and 47376 will be working in the November GWR diesel gala, a timetable is available here.

The Spanner Mk.III boiler on '105 is currently out of action as insulation work is needed before the boiler can be recertified for use, at present it isn't known if the boiler will need to be removed from the loco for the work to be carried out as alternative options for the method of insulation are being sought.

47105 workings at the Thomas weekend Posted 4/10/05

47105 will working the Cheltenham-Winchcombe shuttles in connection with the Thomas event this coming weekend. Timetable for the event is HERE

47376 named at diesel gala - Posted 25/9/05

47376 was renamed "Freightliner 1995" in a ceremony at Toddington Station at approx 1220 on Saturday 24th September. After a brief history of 47376 from Brush Type 4 Fund Chairman Nigel Antolic, John Plowright, the former Fleet Manager (Intermodal) from Freightliner was given the honour of unveiling the name. After the ceremony 47376 worked the 1240 Toddington to Cheltenham and 1330 return. A picture of 47376 can be found HERE.

September Gala Timetable

The timetable for the September gala is here.

47376 Re-Naming Ceremony - 24th September 2005 - Posted 4/9/05

47376 will be re-named "Freightliner 1995" at 1210pm on Saturday 24th September 2005 at Toddington Station on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway. More details concerning the ceremony will be available closer to the time as final arrangements are being made at present.

47376 was originally named "Freightliner 1995" at Crewe Basford Hall yard at the open day on 28th August 1995 by Freight Services Supervisor Barry Daly. The naming served to mark Freightliner as a separate business from the BRB and launch the then new FL livery.

47105 and 47376 will be running during the diesel gala (24th & 25th September) along with the GWR diesel fleet which now includes  56003 and 73129.

Additional Running for 47105 - Saturday 4th June 2005. Posted 2045 1/6/05

Due to the unavailability of steam locos 47105 will be working the 1030, 1230, 1430 and 1630 departures from Toddington on Saturday 4th June 2005.

Thomas and Friends weekend workings for 47105. Posted 19/4/05 @ 21:30

47105 will be working the Cheltenham to Winchcombe shuttles for the upcoming Thomas and Friends weekend. Departures from Cheltenham RC will be at  9:30, 10:40, 12:25 and 14:10. Departures from Winchcombe will be at 11:25, 13:10, 14:55 and 16:40. Details of the event are here

Additional Running for 47105 - Saturday 12th March. Posted 9/3/05 @ 2130

47105 was booked to be working the 1630 Toddington - Cheltenham and return on Saturday 12th March, instead the loco will now be working the 1030, 1230, 1430 and 1630 departures from Toddington.

Spring Gala 8th - 10th April - Timetable - Updated 9/3/05 @ 21:30

The timetable for Friday 8th April, the first day of the GWR Spring Gala is available here (Excel format)

The timetable for Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th April of the Spring gala are available here. (Excel format)

Busy Summer for The Brush Type 4 Fund

The coming months will see a lot of work put into the BT4F locos, after the Thomas event which 47105 is participating in, the locos boiler will be stripped down for it's annual inspection. The loco will also have an oil and filter change in the coming months.

Work continues on the refurbishment of 47376's cabs with No.1 end having final coats of primer applied ready for undercoating, work is under way on No.2 end. 47376 will be withdrawn from traffic after the April gala for maintenance to be carried out, including the lifting of the boiler compartment roof to allow welding to be carried out. The April gala is the last chance to see 47376 in its weather worn Freightliner livery as the loco will be repainted in the summer also.

Christmas Gala Timetable

The timetable for the Christmas diesel day is available here

2005 Diesel Galas

The dates for the GWR 2005 diesel galas are as follows;

8, 9, 10 April

24, 25 Sept
5, 6th Nov
27th Dec

More running days will hopefully be announced in due course.

November Diesel Gala Timetable

The timetable for the diesel gala on 27/28 November is now available here

Additional working for 47105/November Diesel Days. Posted 21/10/04

47105 will be working the 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC and 1650 Cheltenham RC - Toddington additionally on Saturday 6th November.

47105 and 47376 will both be in action over the weekend of 27th/28th November, the timetable is likely to be the same as the recent diesel gala but without the demonstration freight trains. The timetable will be republished here in the next couple of weeks.

Boiler re-certified on 47105. Posted 8/10/04

47105's Spanner MkIII boiler has once again passed it's inspection and will be in working order for the winter running days starting with the Thomas event this weekend and the Autumn diesel gala on 16th/17th October.

The boiler has had some work carried out after failing an initial inspection whilst stripped down in August but after reassembly the boiler successfully passed a working test on Friday 8th October.

47401 Project and 47192 Group Websites. Posted 28/9/04

The 47401 Project now has a web presence and can be found at, the website charts the history of the pioneer 47 plus has and extensive sales list of railway paraphernalia.

The group charged with the care of the 47192 at the Churnet Valley Railway have also taken webspace for their cause. The Staffordshire Type 4 Ltd website can be found at

October Diesel Gala Timetable. Posted 27/9/04

The timetable for the forthcoming Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway diesel gala is now available by clicking here.

An Message from Mick Knox of the The Class 48 Appeal. Posted 27/9/04

A website has just been launched to for the appeal to save former Class 48 - 47114 (D1702). This loco when built as D1702 in 1965 was the original of five prototype class 48 locomotives installed with the French built Sulzer V12 engine (the forerunner of the Sulzer 16LVA24 as fitted to Kestrel). D1702 was re-engined with a standard twin bank Sulzer engine in 1969. As we have lost in the past Lion, Kestrel, DP2 and Falcon, it would be a pity to see this locomotive currently for sale scrapped.

We would like to appeal for anyone who would be interested in saving this loco, with a long term view of obtaining a Sulzer 12LVA24 engine from France and restoring it as a class 48. This would be a mammoth undertaking, but it would also result in a unique locomotive which is already in a better state than some of the Barry steam wrecks! This is a project in its very early stages and anyone interested or has similar aims should email us.

We would also like to appeal for anyone who has information on the conversion of D1702-06, that was undertaken in Crewe works between 1968-71, and also on the SNCF 68000's, and SNCF 468000's class of locomotives, which had the same engine. We would also be interested in any information of D1702-06 in traffic as class 48's and how they performed.

More details can be found on our website:

Thomas Event workings for 47105. Posted 1145, 12/09/04

47105 will be participating in the Thomas the Tank Engine event at the GWR on 9th and 10th October, our Class 47 will be working between Cheltenham Racecourse and Winchcombe. Departures from Cheltenham are at 1040, 1225, 1410 and 1555 with return departures from Winchcombe at 1125, 1310, 1455 and 1640.

47376 repaint postponed

A decision has been taken by the working members of the BT4F to postpone the repaint of 47376 until 2005 due to the sheer size of the task and the tight timescale the small number of working volunteers would have to work to if the loco was to be ready for October's gala. Additionally the renaming has been put back as Freightliner are considering various ways to celebrate their 10th anniversary, which it is hoped 47376 will be involved in.

Initial indications are that 47376 will be stopped in April 2005 for it's repaint so all BT4F members have fair warning to keep April 2005 free for a couple of weeks holiday so you can to the GWR and help in the repaint of your loco!!

We will bring you more news as it becomes available.

Dates for your diary!

The remaining 2004 running days for the Brush Type 4 Funds operational locos are as follows.

Date Loco Train
14/07/04 47376 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
03/08/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
04/08/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
05/08/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
06/08/04 47376 1100 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1150 Cheltenham RC -Toddington


47105 1245 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1335 Cheltenham RC -Toddington


47376 1430 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1520 Cheltenham RC -Toddington


47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
16/10/04 105/376 Diesel Gala
17/10/04 105/376 Diesel Gala
26/10/04 47376 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
27/10/04 47376 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
28/10/04 47376 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
07/11/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
20/11/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
21/11/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
26/12/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
27/12/04 105/376 Diesel Gala
28/12/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
29/12/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington
30/12/04 47105 1600 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1650 Cheltenham RC -Toddington

47376 to be named "Freightliner 1995" again.

47376 is due to enter the paint shop in September to have a fresh coat of Freightliner grey livery applied, this follows a livery ballot by the members of the BT4F in which the choices were a reapplication of FL Grey or variations of original two tone green. BR Blue was ruled out as a stipulation of the GWR accepting 47376 is that it will never carry the same livery as 47105 at any time. 

In conjunction with the application of the former Freightliner livery plans are in hand to reunite 47376 with the name "Freightliner 1995" at a naming ceremony to be held on the weekend of the October GWR diesel gala. 

47376 was originally named "Freightliner 1995" at Crewe Basford Hall yard at the open day on 28th August 1995 by Freight Services Supervisor Barry Daly. The naming served to mark Freightliner as a separate business from the BRB and launch the then new FL livery.

More details will appear here as they are announced.

Changes to the Seminar Photos Pages.

The Seminar photos pages have been changed so that all seminars with 47s are grouped together, the photos of 47 bashers have been grouped also, with a separate section for the "Doss Files"

Gallery Pages 

Video Files available

A section for video files has been added to the Gallery page, resources for viewing the files are also available. Click here to go to the Video page

New Link added.

A Link has been added to the website for Railfest 2004. The site is designed to provide all of the information regarding events throughout the UK to celebrate 200 years of rail travel, including the main event at the NRM in York. Click here to visit the site.

Spring Diesel Gala: 12-14 March 2004

The 3 day Spring diesel gala will run from Friday 12th March to Sunday 14th March. Locos from the GWR diesel fleet will be in action with 47105 and 47376 working in a pair on each day working the 1130 and 1500 services from Toddington and the 1220 and 1550 services from Cheltenham Racecourse. Rover tickets are £9 and there is plenty of free car parking available at Toddington, Winchcombe and Cheltenham Racecourse. 

A timetable for the event in Excel format is here

For further information the GWR can be contacted on 01242 621405 or at 

Additional working for 47105.

47105 will work the 16:00 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse on Thursday 1st January 2004, the loco will then take the empty stock to Winchcombe. 

Class 47 Squad List

A new Class 47 squad list is viewable in text file format here, the list is as of 1700hrs 22/12/03 and contains the majority of the class in service and withdrawn.

Pool Codes as always available here

Class 47 Squad List

Click here for a squad list of the 47s still in service with Freightliner and EWS.

For Pool codes click here

Christmas Diesel Day alteration.

By popular demand the 1054 departure from Toddington at the Christmas Diesel day on 29th December will be 24081+47105+47376.

An Excel spreadsheet of the timetable is here

Class 47 Squad List

Click here for a full Class 47 squad list as of 29/11/03 at 0830 (Notepad Text File)

For Pool codes click here

For Location Codes click here

For TOPS Repair codes click here (and go to the downloads page)

Cheers to Steve for the list.

Updated Links

A new link has been added to a growing site detailing Kirky Lane, a model railway layout built by Paul Mackay that has a large number of OO gauge 47s. The link to Shaun C's Class 47 List site have also been updated.

Christmas Diesel Day

The traditional Christmas diesel day will be held on Monday 29th December, 47105 and 47376 will be working the 1054 and 1530 departures from Toddington, returning from Cheltenham Racecourse at 1148 and 1624. Duties will be shared with the Growler Groups 37215 and 37324, along with D8137 and 24081. Rides within the station limits will be provided by D2069. 

Fares for the day are £9, with reductions for children and family tickets.

A full timetable for the event is available here

Information needed

Lists of the BT4F locos passenger workings are now on this site, we hope to have an accurate list as is possible for all of the workings of the trio, so if you have any info of a train one of the locos has worked please email it in for inclusion on the list. 

The current lists are here - 47105 / 47295 / 47376

Autumn Diesel Gala 24th - 26th October

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway is providing some end of season diesel running in the form of its annual Autumn Diesel Gala. The event will run from Friday 24th October through until Sunday 26th October.

All the usual features will be present, centered around services hauled by the GWR's home based and restored 'classic diesel heritage' fleet. All available locomotives will be used subject to availability and this is inspected to include privately owned D9539, D8137 and 24081 which will be joined by The Growler Groups English Electric Type 3's 37215 & 37324 and also The Brush Type 4 Funds 47105. Star of the show will be the BT4F’s latest acquisition – 47376. This loco will be returning to public service for the first time in preservation following the successful summer restoration effort by its owners.

47105 should have its steam heat boiler reinstated following insurance inspection in time for the event ensuring that at least some of the trains will be comfortably heated.

Yard tours will be provided on both Saturday and Sunday with a diesel bias. This will enable visitors to see the progress being made with the long term restoration of residents 26043 and 45149 owned by The Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group.

All trains originate and terminate at Toddington and traverse the whole length of the operational GWR line to the newly opened extension terminus at Cheltenham Race Course. All services also call at the intermediate station of Winchcombe, where parking is also available. There is plenty of free parking available at all three stations.

A timetable for the event is available to view or download here

Additional Diesel Running Days

In addition to the previously announced Autumn Diesel Gala, the following days at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway will have diesel hauled services in the coming weeks:

28th/29th/30th October 47105

Sun 2nd Nov 47105 & 24081

Sun 9th Nov 47105 & 47376

Sun 23rd Nov 47105

Sun 30th Nov 47105 & 47376

Departures from Toddington are at 10.30, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30, returning from Cheltenham Race Course at 11.15, 12.45, 14.45 & 16.15

Members day to go ahead.

The BT4F members day on Friday 5th September will now go ahead, members of the Fund please click here for times. This is a day for the members of the BT4F to enjoy the fruits of their labour so is not open to the general public, although for the photographers out there the two operational Brush Type 4 Fund locos will be making several trips between Toddington and Cheltenham Racecourse so lots of opportunities for phots in the sunshine should be available.

47376 Test Run - Friday 11th July 2003 (By D Moorcraft)

47376 had a test run on Friday 11th July, with a few members of the Fund and working volunteers from the GWR aboard. With Nigel "in the chair", the engine managed to reach 24mph on the outward run to Cheltenham, which included photographic stops at Winchcombe and in the long straight before Gotherington station. 47105 was coupled inside in case of any problems with 376.

On the return run, with Tim now driving, a hydrostatic hose developed a split which led to serck oil leaking out into the engine room. Thankfully no damage was caused, the engine was immediately shut down and 47105 pushed the shut down locomotive back to Toddington. The consensus was that it was a minor fault and easily fixable, with Tim saying "if the generator had been doing an impression of a catherine wheel, I'd have been worried".

Next outing for 376 should be the Members Day, which Nigel has requested for 5th September. I think the test run was a fitting way to bring together 3 weeks of solid graft by small but dedicated group of members, particularly by Tim and Nigel. It just shows it can be done. If anybody wants to get involved with the restoration, come to Todd of a weekend, there's plenty to do.

We'll bring you more news on the members days as soon as we know.

Class 47 Squad List

Click here for a full Class 47 squad list as of 02/07/03 (Word Document - 50k)

For Pool codes click here

For Location Codes click here

For TOPS Repair codes click here (and go to the downloads page)

Cheers to Steve for the list.

47376 is alive!

47376 was started up for the first time in preservation at 1843Hrs on Wednesday 2nd July at Toddington. The loco was run for 52 minutes before being shut down at 1935Hrs. No major faults were reported with the loco. This represents a major milestone for the Brush Type 4 Fund as in a little over 2 years the 47/3 Project  was set up and has successfully preserved a working member of the 47/3 sub class. Pics of the startup are here

Why is 295's engine black?

Incase you hadn't noticed (and you can be forgiven for not noticing as not everyone has access to a Brush Type 4 engine room) 47295's engine is black, this is in contrast to the more conventional beige colour that  power units are painted. This happened when the power unit was overhauled by Babcock Thorn at Rosyth Dockyard in 1991. The story goes that BR were asked what colour they wanted the power unit to be painted, the reply being "we don't care what colour you paint it, paint it black for all we care!". This was taken at face value and a nice gloss black power unit was delivered to Doncaster as a result!!

Report on move of 47376 from MOD Ashchurch to Toddington By Martin Measures

Following the successful swap of power units at the weekend, 376 was due to be moved first thing on Monday with the return of the lorry tractor unit at about 8am. After waiting patiently by the roadside with the camera for over 90 minutes I decided to return to Toddington and found Mark, Tim and Simon.  I put in a call to Allely’s who advised that Gloucestershire Police were unavailable until after lunch and the lorry would most likely arrive around 12 noon. I returned to Ashchurch at midday and after an hour, Eric and his lorry arrived. The 11-axle bogey, which was a bed to 376 over the weekend, was pumped up and levelled.  I covered all the oil leaks, which were revealed when the lorry pulled forward, with sand whilst we awaited the police escort.

Suddenly realising that I would be behind the cavalcade, I decided to checkout of the high security base. Overtaking the lorry and the ‘Feds’ was not going to happen in between Ashchurch and Toddington and I wanted photographs of 376 at Toddington roundabout. Whilst checking out, the Police arrived and immediately escorted 376 from the rear of the MOD complex. I telephoned back to 105 to alert the others and pulled away as the police stopped the traffic to allow 376 to exit on her final leg to her new home. The journey took about 15 minutes at 25 mph and within a mile or so of Toddington I raced ahead, parked and joined Tim, Mark, Simon and Matt on the roundabout. The photographs will appear on this site for you all to enjoy.

376 made easy work of the roundabout and arrived at the Gloucestershire, Warwickshire Railway just before 2pm. The unloading platform failed to arrive and the late afternoon was spent emptying the cabs and washing down the engine room floor panels. Back to Toddington on Tuesday morning at 8.30am and after an hour or so the team from Allely’s arrived with all the gear to unload. Having missed 105 being unloaded I was keen to observe the 90 minute operation which went smoothly and, again, photographs will appear here. Allely’s then left for Crewe where 771 awaited them.

By 11.30am 376 was positioned alongside 105 in the June sunshine. Tim was persuaded not to commence the overhaul for a few moments whilst the film was finished in our cameras. This scene is the result of a tremendous amount of effort, not to mention, of course, money. I now have the opportunity to help renovate another Brush Type 4 and for this I share my appreciation, in particular, of Tim, Mark, Nigel and Chris.

47376 Enters Preservation

47376 arrived at Toddington on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway at 1351 on Monday 23rd June 2003. The engine swap with 47295 was a success and the loco is expected to enter service in in the coming months. Below is a report by David Moorcraft of the move from Southampton Maritime to Ashchurch and an account of the engine swap. Pictures are here

47376 Moves from Southampton to Toddington: Aka: The Summer Sulztice (By David Moorcraft)

Nearly 2 years after it was stopped in traffic, 47376 at last moved on Friday 20th June from Southampton to MOD Ashchurch. Alleley’s Heavy Haulage were on site from 0630 preparing their trailer to load the locomotive at Southampton. It was shunted down towards the depot from its remote outpost next to 47207 that morning.

With 3 other members of the Fund there to observe the loading (Nigel Antolic, Chris Wall and Mark Elvey), 376 was gradually winched off Network Rail metals onto the specialist trailer (See accompanying photos), in an operation which took about 45 minutes. There were a few “if the winch cable breaks now, we’ll never stop it…….” comments, but thankfully all went off OK.

After loading, the loco was firmly chained to the trailer and the final preparations made for the journey. Finally at 0925, the convoy left the Freightliner compound past the dock gate and out onto the open highways. Several photos later the fund members returned to collect some pre-arranged items from the depot, whilst I drove out on to the M27 to follow 376. Having left the dock without its Police escort, the convoy had by this time been joined by the Hampshire Feds. Before too long, a nice queue had formed behind 376 as the lorry slowly made its way towards the M3 and A34.

Overtaking it and heading towards Twyford Down, it was a sight to behold as it made its way over the top of the bank and towards the A34 Junction. Although there was then a bungle with the route as the convoy continued up the M3 to J7, before coming back to J8 to gain access to A303 and then pick up the A34. Problems with providing an escort through Berkshire saw a lengthy delay in a wide load only lay by near Newbury. More photos and more followers, as we were joined by Mambo and Martin Measures. The convoy was underway again around 2.30pm, this time to Membury services with our Berkshire Constabulary escort. The female driver was bemused by the sight of our cars tearing past the convoy, only to stop in the next lay by and see all occupants running down the grass to get a phot!

At Membury a further delay occurred awaiting the Wiltshire Feds, but did allow more photographic opportunities.

It had already become apparent that Avon & Somerset Constabulary would be unwilling to accept the convoy through the Bristol area during the evening rush hour, so Leigh Delamere was the next destination, where the convoy was recessed for around 5 ½ hours until the rush hour traffic had passed and an accident cleared up on the M5 Northbound near Gloucester. The convoy followers (myself, Nigel, Chris, Mark, Mambo, Martin and Paul Wilkins) all went our separate ways after a relaxing pint or two in Tomarton just off M4 J18.

The convoy did eventually move off at around 9pm. finally arriving at Ashchurch at 2330 (thanks Chris !) On Saturday 21st attention turned towards removing the defective power unit from 376 and replacing it with “The Black Prince” from 295. A delicate operation involving 3 separate lifts, 2 cranes with a combined “lifting weight” of 65 tonnes and much anxiety from the CM & EE, Tim Leverton.

The first job was to remove the central roof panels from 376 and 295. Many problems were encountered with the lift out of 376, including a general disbelief that the cranes assigned the job could actually do the lift! After a false start, the defective unit was lifted out of 376 onto wooden sleepers between the two engines. It was turned at 90 degrees to the two engines sat parallel to each other and fitted only by about a foot!

Before the unit was dropped in from 295, we took the opportunity to clean the floor under where the power unit sits. It can only be described as filthy and about an inch deep in oily grime and various other items including a pair of old jeans. This choice(!) task was undertaken by myself, Nigel, Andre, Martin, Andre and Bob. Many oil absorbing pads later, much of the grime had been removed and the floor was ready for the unit from 295.

However, there were problems with lifting the unit out of 295 as well, because of a rogue floor bolt, but after much racking of collective brains and a bit of help from the cranes lifting the units the bolt came out. Locating the unit into 376 was a delicate process, but carried out with care and attention. Plenty of “left a bit, right a bit, STOP, back a bit, forward a bit” eventually got the unit in place and secured to the floor. But not before it had leaked lots of oil onto the freshly cleaned floor!!

The defective unit was then lifted into 295 and both locos were re-united with their central roof panels and that was it job done. After a few seminar pictures and a wash down, it was off to the pub to reflect on a hard but successful day. Even Tim managed a smile for us. Before he spilt his pint!

47376 latest - Sunday 22nd June : 1500Hrs

47376 arrived at the MoD site at Ashchurch late Friday night after delays on the A34 and near Bristol. A successful engine change was carried out on Saturday, connecting up the engine will be carried out today (Sunday). If all goes to plan 376 will arrive at Toddington on Monday morning.

47376 on the move!

47376 will be moved from Southampton Maritime depot to the MOD site at Ashchurch on Friday 20th June 2003. The loco is expected to leave around 0930 and will travel on the M271, M27, M3, A34, M4 and M5 to Junction 9 before leaving the motorway for the final miles to Ashchurch. The loco will have an engine swap with 47295 at Ashchurch on Saturday then complete the journey to Toddington on Monday 23rd June.

Summer Diesel Week Timings

47105 will be working the following trains over the Summer Diesel week on the GWR.

Monday 7th July - 1054, 1314 & 1530 ex Toddingon / 1148, 1406 & 1624 Ex Cheltenham RC

Friday 11th July - 1054 & 1314* ex Toddington / 1148 & 1406* ex Cheltenham RC

* = working in tandem with 24081

Summer Diesel Gala

The event this year will run between Monday 7th and Friday 11th of July. Rover tickets are set at £9 which provides unlimited travel which includes the newly opened Cheltenham Racecourse extension. 

The line up for the diesel week is as follows;

Mon 7th 24081 & 47105 (Sulzer Day)
Tue 8th 37324 & D8137 (English Electric Day)
Wed 9th 37215 & 37324 (Growler Day)
Thur 10th D8137 & 24081 (Small Engine day)
Fri 11th D8137, 24081, 37215, 37324 & 47105 (Gala Day)

A timetable for the workings of 47105 will be posted shortly.

Diesel Gala Rover Tickets

Please note that rover tickets for the upcoming GWR Diesel gala are priced at £9 and not £18 as advertised elsewhere. Also please note that a regular bus shuttle now runs from the forecourt of Cheltenham Spa station to the town centre (every 15mins on Fri/ Sat) you can then catch a bus to Bishops Cleeve which drops off at the Park and Ride at Cheltenham Racecourse then its about a 10min walk to the GWR.

Video files of 47105

Click below to download two video files of 47105 during a driver experience course in March. The files are in AVI format and will play with Windows Media Player or Real One Player available by clicking here and selecting the free player. 

Please note however that the files are quite large and will take a few minutes to download if you are using a 56k Modem. Click on the video link to watch the video, right click and select Save Target As to save them to your PC.

47105 at Winchcombe - 17 Seconds (3Mb)

47105 at Cheltenham Racecourse - 25 Seconds (5.5Mb)

Spring Diesel Gala

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railways Spring Diesel gala will be held on Friday 9th May to Sunday 11th May 2003. With the newly opened Cheltenham extension in use it is now possible to enjoy a 20 mile round trip. Due to the long section between Winchcombe and Cheltenham Racecourse departures from Toddington to the Racecourse will be at 90 minute intervals on Friday 9th May. On the Saturday and Sunday of the gala there will be additional services to Winchcombe only in between the Raceourse departures. 

47105 will be used extensively over the 3 day event, and will work the following trips;

Friday 9th May
1204 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1258 Cheltenham RC - Toddington                                          1640 Toddington - Cheltenham RC (With 24081) / 1730 Cheltenham RC - Toddington (With 24081)
Saturday 10th May
1054 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1148 Cheltenham RC - Toddington                                            1345 Toddington - Winchcombe / 1405 Winchcombe - Toddington                                                    1530 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1624 Cheltenham RC - Toddington
Sunday 11th May
1054 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1148 Cheltenham RC - Toddington                                            1345 Toddington - Winchcombe / 1405 Winchcombe - Toddington                                                    1530 Toddington - Cheltenham RC / 1624 Cheltenham RC - Toddington







47376 accepted at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

Following a meeting of the GWR board on February 28th we are pleased to announce that 47376 has  formally been accepted at Toddington, the home of the Brush Type 4 Fund's flagship loco 47105. The loco will initially move to Ashchurch MOD for a power unit swap with 47295, before continuing its journey to Toddington. The proposed moving date from Southampton Maritime will be posted here in due course.

The agreement to have 376 at Toddington does come with some stipulations, of these one is that 47376 can never carry the same livery as 47105 at any one time, therefore it is anticipated at present that 376 will be repainted in its current Freightliner livery, with the possibility of a renaming ceremony later in the year. 

Special thanks must go to the board of the BT4F for their efforts in securing a permanent home for 376, and to the members of the fund for their contributions, but most of all our biggest thanks to the board of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway!! 

Spring Diesel Gala

The Spring Diesel Gala will be held from 9th to 11th May, more details will be posted in due course

Race Specials run again

The last time race specials ran to Cheltenham Racecourse the road traffic bill, making it compulsory to wear seatbelts, had recently been approved and Prime Minister Harold Wilson had just resigned. The last trains from the Racecourse station ran on 17th March 1976 and were hauled by 47152, D1029 Western Hussar and 37188

After a gap of 27 years the Brush Type 4 Fund is honored to be associated with the running of race specials for Cheltenham Gold Cup 2003. On March 13th 47105 will work the 1030 'Racex' from Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse, returning ECS at 1120. After stabling for the day the loco will return ECS to Cheltenham to form the return 'Racex' with an estimated departure of 1945-2015. Please note however that these trains are ticket only and are not available to the public.

Freightliner 47 Tour

Compass Tours have announced the Tayside Liner which will run from Midlands and the North West of England to Stirling and Perth using a Freightliner 47 as the motive power. 

For more details visit the Compass Tours website here.


47295 Enters Preservation (Report by Chris Wall)

During the later part of January the Brush Type 4 fund obtained its third loco for preservation, albeit without bogies. The bogies ex 47295 are to be utilised for the forthcoming Class 57 bogie overhaul program. The last train that the loco worked was 4R28 0222 Ipswich to Felixstowe on 13/03/02, it then returned light to Ipswich Fuel point where it was stopped for an A exam at 1300 13/03/02. During this exam a fault with a suspension bar on one of its traction motors was found and the loco stopped at 1000 18/03/02. The loco was part of the DFFT fleet which were modified for Felixstowe dock work and thus already has pipework and sandboxes. These are very similar to the present day 57/0 that Freightliner use hence was a good candidate for bogie donation. 

On 22/01/03 47295 moved under its own power from Ipswich Fuel Point to the Lower Yard. On 27/01/03 47295 made its journey to Brush at Loughborough by road from Ipswich Lower Yard. On arrival at Brush the loco had its crank case door removed to ensure all fluids were drain prior to entering 25 Shop for lifting. Once this door is replaced the loco is complete and in running condition. During the night shift of Wednesday 12th February 2003 Brush traction at Loughborough began the task of separating the bogies of 47295 from the main body of the locomotive. At 0825 the cranes in number 25 shop began to slowly lift the loco from its bogies and after lifting it approx 20 ft in the air it began its slow move down the length of the workshop. When it came to loading the loco to Alley's Transport we hit a problem, they didn't have enough material to pack the loco up. After just over 3 hours, a trailer alteration and strapping, the loco was ready to move. At 1145 the loco eased out of number 25 shop and was ready to cause chaos on the local road network. Shortly after, at 1153 we exited the gatehouse and headed off on Meadow Lane towards Stanford on Soar passing under the Ruddington Branch. After negotiating several tight corners, buses, land rovers, lorries and much to the dismay of the local normals we reached the A6006. Here we pulled out (In front of white van man - Much to his disgust) and headed off towards the A46 at Willoughby with our head shacking, tutting friend in our rear view mirror......

We then continued along the A46 to Junction 21A of the M1 then down to the M69. This was where Nigel Antolic was desperately trying to write your members letter envelopes so please excuse the writing if its a bit shaky whilst I drove, as steadily as possible, to ensure the postman could read his writing. Speed varied between 15mph and 50mph but with light traffic we soon made light work of the journey. from the M69 we took the M6 upto the M42 then across the bottom of Birmingham and onto the M5. We continued to follow the lorry until junction 7 where we sped off to get a photo of it crossing the Main Line at Ashchurch. Sadly there was no HST (As per M Elveys photo of 47105). We Just missed 66xxx departing Ashchurch MOD on 6A32 1327 Ashchurch - Didcot at 1440, no shame there. At 1453 we arrived at the MOD Gates and awaited access to the unloading area. After security checks we headed off to the Rail Operations Terminal to be greeted with 4 x 30t cranes, all in position and ready to go. It took almost three hours of hard work attaching lifting brackets and moving sleepers around to create a suitable resting place for the old girl. At 1815 we were finally finished and all volunteers ready to depart, it was then announced, "That's another Class 47 successfully preserved" Thanks must be passed to the staff at Brush Works Loughborough who were all extremely helpful and without this help the move would not have been so successful.

The other key player in this move were the staff and ops manager at MOD Ashchurch who were all extremely helpful and accommodating with this strange request.  The 5 people all involved in the move were M Elvey (Deposit) , T Leverton (CM&EE), P Northover (Upside down bracket man), N Antolic (Crime scene man), C Wall (Work avoider) but lets not forget the members without whom this purchase would not have been possible, thanks to all.


2003 Running Dates

The Gloucester Warwickshire Railway will be closed for January and February whilst final preparations are made to the 3.25 mile extension to Cheltenham Racecourse. The official public opening of the extension will be between 7th and 11th April 2003.

The main gala events at the GWR for 2003 are as follows: -

Friday 9th May-Sunday 11th May Spring Gala
Monday 7th July-Friday 11th July Diesel Week
Friday 24th October-Sunday 26th October Autumn Gala
Monday 29th December Christmas Diesel Day

Christmas Running Day.

On Friday 27th December 47105 will be working the following departures from Toddington;

10:00 (with 24081) / 12:10 (with D8137) / 14:25 and 16:35

So if you're fed up with turkey sarnies and fancy traveling in nice warm steam heated, Brush Type 4 hauled coaches then get yourself to Toddington on Friday 27th.

Do you want to drive 47105?

Well now you can!!

Adventure001 are offering the chance to drive 47105 on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in one of their Driver Experience courses in 2003. Courses start at £110 per person for a course between Toddington and Winchcombe and rise to £175 per person for a course between Toddington and Cheltenham Racecourse. The course includes all aspects of the driving experience, from preparing the loco, to coupling the loco and taking control of a train. 

When driving a locomotive, most people chose to use a Passenger rake (5 or 6 coaches) to enhance their driving experience.   As an alternative to this, you can request either a 1960's Style Freight or Civil Engineers/Ballast train (subject to availability).

Brush Type 4 Fund members will get a £10 discount on the price of a course.

For more information, click here to visit Adventure001

New Pictures added

Two additional pictures of 47105 at Cardiff and Royal Oak have been added, thanks to Mark Elvey for these, click here to view.

The Seminar section has also been added on the Gallery page with some shots to start us off, as always all contributions welcome click here to email.

The Preserved 47s Page has been updated to include 47367 and an updated pic of 47117 with its reinstated headcode box.

47/3 Project Success!!

It is with great pleasure that the Brush Type 4 Fund can announce that the bid for the purchase of 47376 from Freightliner Ltd has been successful. Completion of the  sale should go through in the next few days.

The locomotive currently resides at Southampton Maritime Depot where it has been out of use since June 2001. The loco has a defective Sulzer engine but apart from that is complete bar a few sundry items such as cab gauges and electrical relays. 

The 47/3 Project was set up a little over 20 months ago to preserve a 47/3 so this is seen a great achievement.

More details of the loco will follow in the next few days.

Congratulations also to the Stratford 47 Group on their purchase of 47367, the former "Kenny Cockbird"

November Sundays Update

Please note that the 1415 departure from Toddington on 10th November will be hauled by 37324 with 47105 providing heat, this is due to to the Growler Group having their AGM on this day.


Full TOPS list for the Class 47 added.

A TOPS enquiry for the whole of the Class 47 as of 0900 on 8/10/02 has been added, click here to view.


Amended Times for Gala and November Running Days

The timetable for the October gala has been tweaked slightly due to a 10mph slack between Toddington and Winchcombe, therefore trains on Saturday and Sunday will depart 2 minutes earlier. Also of note is that the last train of the day on Saturday and Sunday will now be hauled just by 47105,  24081 will work the 1628 departure with D8137.

47105 will see extensive use on the Sundays throughout November, the loco will work the 1045, 1215, 1415 and 1545 departures on 3rd/10th/17th and 24th November 2002.  


Autumn Diesel Gala 18-20th October 2002

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Autumn Diesel gala will be held from Friday 18th October until Sunday 20th October. The gala will feature the GWRs resident fleet of diesels including our own loco 47105. Extensive use of the operational boiler will be made if necessary. 47105 will be working the following trains from Toddington:

Friday 18 October 1000 (with 24081) 1200 (with D8137) 1430 (with 24081) 1630
Saturday 19th Oct 1038 1223 (with 24081) 1518 1705
Sunday 20th Oct 1038 1223 (with 24081) 1518 1705

Next workings for 47105

47105 is scheduled to work the 1130 and 1330 departures from Toddington on Sunday 8th September 2002.


New Pics added.

3 new pictures of 47105 have been added to the BR Service gallery. Views of 105 working passengers trains at Bolitho and Liskeard, and a shot of 105 at Oborne during track relaying. Click Here to view. Thanks to Roger Geach and Mike Collins for the photos.


New Pics and new section in the pipeline

The are two new pictures of 47105 in the Gallery section on the BR page. A shot of 105 in the company of 47190 at Cockshute in 1976 and 105 at Trerulefoot on a charter in September 1977, click here to view.

A couple of Brush Type 4 Fund members have suggested a section for seminar phots. If you have any seminars that you would like to see posted then please email them to When we have collected enough the section will be added to the Gallery section.


July Diesel Week Report By BT4F Member C Wall

The batteries and AVR have now been changed on the loco by Tim and Nigel after 105's failure on a previous driver expo, the loco now starts and runs like a dream and she has certainly proved this over the following diesel week.

The week in whole was very successful for 47105, on the Monday we ran 5 round trips on the driver expo which was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. The participants for the day were 3 Police officers so there was no talk of our planned night out at the risk of incriminating ourselves! This is a good source of revenue for the project and are always booked well in advance. This is the first year we have done so many trips and it is proving very popular.

On the Tuesday we ran 3 round trips with 24081 as the other loco out on the day. The day was a success all round with a few of our members turning out to enjoy the thrash and sunshine. The clock at Toddington was a whole 90 seconds slow which PCP took great delight in ranting about before every departure. I suppose Cornish Time is slightly different than that in the Cotswolds.

Wednesday saw us again taking part in a driver expo and completed 5 round trips without a fault. On this day 37215 & 324 were both out and about on the service trains giving the added attraction of tractor smog at Toddington. Thursday and Friday of the diesel week were left in the hands of the other resident loco's at Toddington. In the dying days of the Virgin fleet it was thought best as people are out and about on "The Bash" whilst they still can.


Links Page revised.

The Links page has been revised and all of the links checked and amended. 


New Photo added

A new photo of 47105 working the 17.25 Cardiff-Crewe in 1986 has been added, thanks to Alan Lea for the contribution.


July Diesel Week and beyond...

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire diesel week runs from Monday 15th July to Friday 19th July 2002. 47105 will working the 1150, 1410 and 1650 departures from Toddington on Tuesday 16th July.

There are driver experience courses using 47105 on both Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th July, so if you fancy driving 47105 then go along to Toddington and book yourself a course.

On Sunday 21st July 47105 will work 1130, 1330, 1500 and 1630 departures from Toddington.

On Friday 23rd August 47105 will work 1045, 1215, 1415 and 1545 departures from Toddington

New pictures of 47402 and 47417 added, click here to view. New photo of 47105 on BR also added, click here.


More photos added

Photos from the Brush Type 4 Fund members day added, view them here

Updated photo of 47643 added, Click Here


New photos and more of the gallery returns

The pics from the Brush Type 4 Fund members day will be posted later in the week. More of the gallery section has returned, the remaining sections will be back this week.

New photos of 47401, 47449 and 47643 are on the Preserved 47 page, view them here


Gallery Section Returns

After a couple of months absence some of the pictures pages have been restored, so far the BR Service and Moving pages are posted, the rest will be added gradually over the next few weeks.

On the subject of BR Service, we want to make a large gallery of photos of 47105 while she was in the hands of British Rail. So dig out your photo collections and see if you have any of 105 which we can use. Don't worry if you have a photo but no means to scan it, email the webmaster at and we will make arrangements to pay for the postage so we can borrow the photo and scan it in.


Running days for 47105.

The next public running days for 47105 will be 23rd and 24th March when the loco will work the 1340 departures from Toddington on each day.

A Brush Type 4 Fund members day will be held on March 22nd which is exclusively for fund members, this will see the loco make a number of trips over the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway and incorporate the funds AGM.

105 is also taking part in a Driver Experience day on 7th April.


Spring Diesel Gala Times.

47105 will be in action for the GWR's Spring Diesel Gala starting on 22nd Feb. The diesel department have been working hard to get new loco 33202 in working order for the event, however a final decision on whether it will work will not be made until the weekend. As a result of this, two timetables have been produced for the event, one including 33202 (Timetable A) and one in the event of the Crompton not working (Timetable B).

The departures for 47105 are as follows:

Friday 22nd Feb.

Timetable A -  1000 (With 24081), 1200 (With D8137), 1415 (With 37215), 1615
Timetable B -  1000,  1200 (With D8137), 1415 (With 37215), 1615 (With 33202)
Saturday 23rd Feb.
Timetable A -  1040, 1225 (With 24081), 1410 (With 37215), 1555 (With D8137)
Timetable B -  1040 (With 33202), 1225 (With 37215), 1410 (With 24081), 1555
Sunday 24th Feb.
Timetable A -  1040,  1225 (With 24081), 1410 (With 37215), 1630
Timetable B -  1040 (With 33202), 1225 (With 37215), 1410 (With 24081), 1555

The full loco rosters are available for viewing at, click here to view,


BT4F Website Redesign

The redesign of this website is continuing, at present the gallery and 47105 history pages are still undergoing a few changes and therefore not available.


Spring Diesel Gala, 22nd to 24th February 2002

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway kicks off it’s 2002 major events with a rescheduling of it’s annual Spring Diesel Gala event covering the weekend of Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February 2002. The gala has been moved forward to this earlier date in the year than usual to accommodate other events at the GWR and now fills a slot in the railway world calendar where events of this scale are unusual.

The motive power will be taken from our ‘home restored’ fleet of classic heritage traction with extensive use of 47105s steam heat boiler.


Additional Running Day for 105

In addition to the running days in January and February, 47105 will be working the 1045, 1215, 1415 and 1545 departures from Toddington on Sunday 13th January 2002.


Running Days for January & February

47105 has been given additional running days in January and February to ease the pressure on the 2 car Class 108 DMU. On Sunday's 6th and 20th January and 10th and 17th February the loco will work the 1045, 1215, 1415 and 1545 departures from Toddington to Gotherington. These trips have been rostered to 47105 in view of the train heating capabilities, duties it will soon be sharing with 37324. Once the 37 has been repaired the owner will be re-certifying its steam heat generator ready for the Winter 2002 season.


47105 Progress report


Work on 47105s repaint has continued apace, by the start of July the loco has been extensively rubbed down, filled and primed. The coat of BR Blue applied in 1994 has stood up well to the elements considering the loco has been stabled in the open for the past 7 years. Generally the body was in a good condition therefore only a few areas needed replating, once this was done and others part had been neddle gunned and coated in Red oxide primer the loco was moved to the Carriage & Wagon workshop at Winchcombe on Saturday 7th July where she is expected to stay for 7-10 days. In this time the undercoat will be applied and any further filling to the body applied prior to the top coat being added.

New overhead warning signs will also be applied along with a full set of bodyside stickers including the loco numbers, data panels, Cardiff shed stickers and BR double arrows. The headcodes panels are receiving attention and No.1 end will revert to the "domino" style headcode as per the Brush Type 4 Fund vote.


The annual inspection of 47105s Spanner boiler took place on 19th April 2001. With the steam dome and end doors removed the test found that everything was in working order for the 'cold' test. The safety valve, pressure guage and "Mowbrey" water controls were all passed fit for further use. On 12th June the 'working' test was carried out with no problems and all safety devices working properly.