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Updated: April 27, 2019 .

Loco update - posted 27/04/19

The overhaul of 47105 continues at a steady pace, internally the engine has been rebuilt and in March the water rail and exhaust was refitted, the engine block itself has also received a new coat of paint. The engine is now covered to prevent a covering of dust from the exterior refurbishment. Over the coming months the roof will receive more attention as it can can be brought into the diesel shed whilst 37248 is away at the West Somerset Railway. The loco is having new metal trim fitted at the top of the body sides, as they suffered from the years the loco spent sat in the Gloucestershire elements, which will make a good seal when the roof is refitted.

At number 1 end of the loco in the equipment room we are still awaiting the return of the exhausters fresh from being refurbished, these should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. Once arrived we can install them and start reconnecting everything and think about getting the loco running.

At number 2 end the boiler compartment roof was removed to allow the Spanner MkIII boiler be removed, this allowed us to refurbish the boiler compartment which now has a fresh layer of paint.  The roof was subsequently refitted to so the underside could also be repainted. The boiler currently resides on the deck in the diesel shed, it is one of the last things on the list for overhaul so none of the boiler ticket is wasted with a working boiler in a non working loco.

The number 2 end bogie is in the latter stages  of refurbishment and has recently been primed and undercoated, this follows many hours by dedicated volunteers with a needle gun getting into the nooks and crannies to removed the grime and paint, number 1 end is already sitting on a refurbished bogie.

Externally the cabs have been prepared and primed, the usual path has been followed to strip paint, add filler to the scratches and scrapes the loco has accumulated since delivery, then sanding and starting the process over again before adding primer and seeing a whole new set of impurities! The cab roofs and the boiler compartment roof have also been primed. The body sides will be follow the same process as the cabs over the rest of the year, there's no firm date for the loco to return, as many other groups will tell you, it'll be ready when it is ready.

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