Built – British Rail Works, Crewe

Works No. – Lot No.400

Accepted into traffic – 3rd June 1966 as D1997

Renumbered – March 1974 to 47295

Brakes –  Dual brakes fitted from new

Train heat – Clayton MkII Steam Generator


  • Two Tone Green from new
  • BR Blue
  • BR Blue + Silver roof
  • Railfreight Triple Grey w/Petroleum Decals July 91,
  • Decals painted out from Sept 97,
  • Black headcode panels from Sept 01.


  • Unofficially known as “The Black Prince” see details  below


Last Working – 13th March 2002: 02.22 Ipswich – Felixstowe North (4R28) freightliner


  • Built with universal boiler compartment meaning it could carry any of the 3 makes of train heating unit.

  • Bogies removed at Brush, Loughborough to create a float for the Class 57/0 bogie overhaul program

  • Unofficially known as the Black Prince due to the power unit being painted black while on overhaul at Babcock Thorn at Rosyth Dockyard in 1991, this was in contrast to the normal beige most power units carry. The story goes that Babcock Thorn asked BR what colour they wanted the overhauled unit to be painted, BR replied that they had no preference and that Babcock Thorn could paint it black for all they cared! Although never officially carried as a name, this shot of 47295 at Bescot shows the name under the cab window

  • 47295 was sold to Harry Needle Railroad Company in June 2008. Although devoid of bogies and housing the defective engine from 47376 the loco was effectively complete. The faulty engine surrendered many parts for re-use on the Fund’s other engines. The loco was moved to Long Marston in July 2008.

Allocation History
3/6/66 York (50A) 8/79 Tinsley 6/8/89 Immingham
3/67 Knottingley 9/79 Thornaby 6/3/93 Tinsley
12/67 Finsbury Park (34G) 11/81 Gateshead 10/3/93 Stored serviceable
8/69 Gateshead (52A)  3/1/82 Stratford 21/7/93 Reinstated
11/72 Tinsley (41A) 27/11/83 Immingham 22/1/94 Bescot
10/76 Holbeck 26/5/85 Stratford 22/11/95 Stored unserviceable
1/77 Immingham 28/9/86 Immingham 8/8/97 Crewe Diesel 
2/77 Tinsley 4/10/87 Cardiff Canton 8/8/97 Reinstated 
10/77 Bescot  15/11/87 Immingham 10/6/98 Freightliner Diesel(FD)
5/78 Bristol Bath Road 18/6/89 Stratford 18/3/02 Stored U/S    
  27/1/03 Sold for preservation

Sold to HNRC June 2008