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The Brush Type 4 Fund have been at the forefront of Class 47 preservation since the early 1990s. The group was formed with  intention of preserving a 'Series Parallel' (SP) Class 47. 

In January 1994 the group secured 47105 for preservation, the loco was bought from British Rail following its withdrawal after 30 years service on the mainline and transported to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.

47105 became a regular performer at the Gloucs Warks and remains the only Class 47 in preservation to retain a working steam heat boiler. The loco was taken out of service in 2011 for an overhaul.

The Fund purchased 47376 in 2003 to ensure that at least one of the 47/3 sub class survived in preservation. '376 suffered a catastrophic engine failure whilst working for Freightliner so 47295 was purchased to provide a working engine.

47376 and 47295 were moved to Ashchurch MOD base from Southampton and Loughborough respectively where an engine swap took place. 47376 was then transported to the GWR and  returned to working order in July 2003. The grounded body of 47295 was sold to HNRC in June 2008 and sent for scrap in July 2011.

47376 has since been returned to Freightliner livery and was rededicated  "Freightliner 1995" September 2005. 47376 is operational and a regular performer at the Gloucs Warks Railway.

The Brush Type 4 Fund briefly owned 47746 from 2007 to 2011 before sale to West Coast Railway Company. The Brush Type 4 Fund worked with WCRC to honour a BT4F member and good friend Chris Fudge by naming 47746 in his honour upon the locos return to the mainline.




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